What's On at the Mayfair Theatre in 2017
  • Saturday 6th - Kelvin Cummings - One Year - With support from the Oxo Cubans, this is the best way to see your favourite new tracks from the successful debut Country Music album "One Year", alongside many other songs Kelvin is known for. Get your tickets here.
  • Friday 9th - Kelvin Cruickshank - Soul Food - With the outstanding success and popularity of TV2's award winning series "Sensing Murder", Kelvin has been literally swamped with people wanting to see him. For this reason, he is continuing with his series of exclusive evenings that will help reach out and touch more people at once - get your tickets here.

Other things we've been working on..

We managed to secure a grant from Bendigo Valley to go towards upgrading our foyer.
Special mentions also to Andy from Artzone for making our gorgeous Pin Boards, JB Hi-Fi for a fabulous deal on our 60inch TV,
Mark from Allsop Electrical for the new floodlights out the front of the building and Resene for doing us a deal on paint!
Before photos below.

We're trying our hardest to upgrade some of our facilities during our down time.
At the beginning of May we were lucky enough to have some Foundation Studies Students from the Otago Polytechnic come and help us repaint the dressing rooms. A lot of prep work went in beforehand though and some of our committee members were spotted with tools and rags in hand to patch the holes and clean the walls ready for painting.
Before photos below.

If you would like to enquire about hiring the Mayfair for your upcoming function or show please
contact us by phone on (03) 455 4962 or email us at

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